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The industry's only current and comprehensive online telephone solicitation compliance guide for Charitable Fundraisers.
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Compliance breaches are costly. Since 2003, our easy-access online guides have helped users avoid losses through timely legislative updates paired with clear, accurate explanations of the telemarketing industry's ever-changing rules and regulations.
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USA DNC Regulatory Guide

You're expected to comply with a plethora of registration, do not call, autodial, and related telephone solicitation laws. Our guide is the one-stop online source that will give you access to the latest rules and regulations governing the industry.

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Canadian DNC Regulatory Guide

Get the only current and comprehensive online guide to regulations governing the Canadian teleservices industry. Don't risk being non-compliant. Let our up-to-date information keep you current on all the pertinent telemarketing laws.

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Charitable Fundraising Regulatory Guide
$1099 $899 for Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C. Clients! Learn More or Buy Now

Subscribers receive access to two guides in one - a telephone soliciation guide for Professional Fundraisers, and one for Self-Fundraising Charities. Each guide features unique sections with regard to the needs of each type of fundraising, as follows:

Professional Fundraisers:

● Bank deposit requirements
● Bond requirements
● Records retention requirements
● Registration requirements
● Recording requirements
● Solicitation contract requirements
● Solicitation disclosure requirements

● Charitable checklist
● Contract requirements
● Disclosure requirements
● Initial registration requirements
● Registration renewal requirements
● Reporting requirements

Users also receive access to a Holiday Schedule, providing them with a list of legal holidays, as these can vary by state and are often affected by the day of the week they fall on.
Through our e-Alert service, subscribers are notified whenever the guide is updated and are provided with links to legislative changes. Subscribers can also search our guides for information regarding a specific law, topic, or state across all federal and state regulations impacting telephone fundraising. Although every piece of legislature is interpreted by the authors of the guide, users will always receive links to the original statutory text, and are able to contact our expert authors directly with any questions. Subscribers can also purchase and control access for their employees. Backed by experts and endorsed by clients, our compliance guides are thorough, comprehensive, and convenient.

$1099 $899 for Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C. Clients! Learn More or Buy Now

Straightforward summaries from our veteran legal team
USA DNC Regulatory Guide Authors

Mac Murray, Petersen & Shuster LLP help businesses complay with a broad range of regulatory requirements. Their unique experience and ability to advise from a regulator's point-of-view helps clients in heavily regulated industries build strong compliane programs that minimize risk while optimizing business operations.

Recognized in Best Law Firms for their work in First Amendment Law, Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C. has worked hard to earn its reputation as a premier law firm for charitable organizations. Founded in 1977, the firm boasts highly accomplished partners, such as Bill Raney. An expert in the field of telemarketing compliance, he has appeared before the Supreme Court regarding matters of charitable fundraising, and currently authors our guide along with Allison McFatter, one of Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C.'s talented paralegals. With some of the most renowned legal experts in the nation standing behind our guide, subscribers can rest assured knowing that they're receiving timely, accurate, and thorough information.

  • Allison McFatter
    Allison McFatter

    Paralegal at Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C. LLC

  • Bill Raney
    Bill Raney

    Partner at Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C. LLC

  • Nolad McKenzie Canter
    Mackenzie Canter

    Founding Partner at Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C.

  • M Errol Copilevitz
    Errol Copilevitz

    Founding Partner at Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, P.C.

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    Sorting through volumes of information is a thing of the past. Whether you’re a professional or self-fundraiser, our guide makes it easy to find relevant legislative information by profession, either on the federal level, or state-by-state. Additionally, original statutory text is always linked to our interpretive text for your reference.

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    Have a question, concern, or just need clarification? Our legal team is available to address your concerns and provide answers regarding content found within the guide, a service exclusive to our subscribers.

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"This is far and away, the best resource we know of for compliance officers, corporate counsel and anyone else with a need to know about consumer contact compliance."
Ken Sponsler, CIPP/US, Vice President [Compliance Point - A PossibleNOW Company]
Reid Houser Sitel
"With this guide, I always have the most up-to-date regulatory information and with email notices, I am made aware of changes that impact our clients and business."
Reid Houser, Sitel [Chair Pace Compliance Officers Forum]
Rich Hamilton Quality Contact Solutions
"This online guide is a comprehensive look at the ever-changing legislative landscape and a 'must-use' for anyone involved in teleservices today."
Rich Hamilton, CECP, Director of Implementation [Quality Contact Solutions, Inc.]

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